I have called 3 times this morning and each time was met with a overly articulate robotic person who spouted rhetoric instead of listening and finding out what my question was before giving their canned response. When asked specific questions the reaction was to repeat...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Entire experience
  • Condescending tone of voice
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I'm complaining about the staff at the Augusta D.O.L. Volunteer's mainly W. R. and his supervisor/manager J. A....these are just to notice of many employed here. : ( Both are ruled, disrespectful and very voice-tress about negativity and nothing but, gossip about...
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Department of labor entered my claim wrong and address. This delayed my decision. They finally made a decision they They sent the check to the wrong address now they want to reissue the check in 30 days. They owe me for weeks unemployment I will be evicted because I...
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I had been unemployed for about 30 days or so, and decided to use the Georgia department of labor's website to find job leads. After submitting many inquires for potential leads, I notice that I was regularly receiving emails back, stating my skills didn't match the...
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